Workout with fitness band for men

Workout with fitness band for men

Bandage training is one of the most affordable options for sports at home or on the go. Although such straps can not replace strength exercises with dumbbells, their advantage is compactness. In addition, they develop perfect muscle strength and help create a proportional body.

With a set of fitness straps and elastic with different load levels, you can easily get a complete workout for all your big muscles. Below in the material you will find a number of functional exercises with rubber bands for men on the muscles of the back, chest, legs, pressure and arms.

What is a fitness bar?

Fitness straps are straps in different shapes and densities. There are rubber bands with handles to hold in hands or feet, as well as wide thick bands. Most often, the training set contains belts with different degrees of hardness, which allow you to change the load during training.

Unlike TRX belts, which are made of durable nylon, the simulators are made of elastic materials. This allows you to use them to create extra resistance, while TRX exercises are mostly push-ups, push-ups and squats, but at different angles.

In fact, rubber bands are an advanced version of expanders. As the load on the muscles is created by elastic stretching, this ensures an even distribution of strength during training. Which is ultimately useful not only to strengthen the muscles but also to improve their symmetry.

What is a fitness bar

Full body workout

  • 3-4 workouts a week for 40-60 minutes
  • first a block of exercises on the press
  • exercises with rubber bands
  • stretching and stretching exercises

Merge push-ups

Roll the strap up behind your back, then take a push-up position by pressing the other side of the strap against the floor with your hands. Keep your abdominal and core muscles in conscious tension, straighten your arms and push back as high as possible, then slowly return to the starting position.

Reverse trapeze game

Stand upright, put your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping the press in conscious tension (this trains the inner abdominal muscles). Hold the rubber band with both hands, then stretch your arms in front of you. Without bending your elbows, slowly stretch your arms to the side, and gather your shoulders.

Traction on the press with a tourniquet

Before starting the exercise, gently tighten the rubber band at the level of the belt. Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly. Stretch your arms in front of you, lock them in the clasp, hold on to the rubber band. Tighten the press, then slowly pull the belt towards the abdomen, avoiding body rotation. After leaving, return to starting position.

Traction on the press with a tourniquet

Leg strap belt

Make sure the tire is locked. Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart, pressing hard. Slowly pull the rubber band towards the abdomen and feel the work in the broad muscles of the back. The exercise can be performed with one or two hands.

Squat belt

Hold the bottom edge of the rubber band with your feet, grasp the top edge with both hands, and then place them around your neck. Start by squatting and make sure your back maintains a natural arch and is not rounded while the press is being stretched. Stand from the bottom with explosive force.

What is the benefit? Pros and cons

The main advantage of rubber fitness straps is their compactness. In fact, they allow you to train at full strength at home without the need for weights, dumbbells or barbells. Its use not only increases strength but also improves posture and has a positive effect on the neuromuscular connection between muscle and brain.

Disadvantages of the tire include a limited number of training options, as well as the inability to work with heavy loads. In fact, it is impossible to gain significant muscle mass using rubber bands; for this you must at least have access to the horizontal bar.

Other options for training with an elastic band

Chewing gum is universal and you can try different programs with it. Here are some training options.
According to the tabata system. This program requires some time to perform the exercise with maximum intensity, then half the rest time and so on in different approaches, such as 20 seconds of active work, 10 seconds of rest, etc. Exercise with an elastic band can be included in the training for the whole body at the same time or only for certain muscle groups.

Other options for training with an elastic band

Through a circular system

This training consists of performing the exercises one by one. Promotes weight loss and builds endurance. Basic multi-syllable exercises are usually used, which are performed in a repeated mode. A circular workout with an elastic band will train your entire torso.

A mix of exercises. With the help of an elastic band you can train both one and different muscle groups. By combining different exercises, you engage all the important muscles and make the load more diverse.