Workout for girls on horizontal bars

Workout for girls on horizontal bars

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are gaining popularity every year. The most common shells in any yard can help boost your health and “pump” your body. One of those bullets is a horizontal bar. Exercises with the horizontal bar are good because they are universal. Despite the availability, regular workouts on a horizontal bar are no worse than the gym, they will help you maintain a toned figure and look good. Another stereotype: such classes are definitely not suitable for girls.

Why do the lessons help?

Exercises with the horizontal bar will not help specific muscles, but the whole body. When pulling, all muscle groups are involved: large (arms, back, chest) and small muscle stabilizers.

Why do the lessons help

An activity suitable for everyone

Exercises on the horizontal bars are universal, they can be performed by any person, regardless of age, gender or weight. Horizontal bar – a tool that will help you stay healthy and strengthen your body. For a person who wants to start exercising, only physical training is important.

“If we are talking about regular exercises on a horizontal bar, and not preparation for competitions, then only the initial fitness of a person counts. A girl, even overweight, who has exercised before coming to training, has a good musculoskeletal system; it will probably be easier than a weak girl who has never trained before.

Chest exercises

This is one of the most useful exercises for girls on the horizontal bar. The starting position is as follows: hold the bar horizontal with your hands, palms shoulder-width apart. Then slowly bend your arms as you lift your body and try to reach the crossbar with your chin. Once you reach the highest point, stop for two or three seconds and then go down. Number of approximations and repetitions.

The exercise is performed in three approaches, and the number of repetitions performed in one approach is individually determined by your physical abilities. The main thing is the constant desire to increase their number.

Exercises for the abs

Also very important, and also a big plus for exercises on an inclined board. Starting position: keep the bar horizontal, spread your palms shoulder-width apart. Don’t be in a hurry, raise and lower your legs in front of you. After making three approaches, keep your legs straight in front of you until the effort is enough. Number of approximations and repetitions.

The lesson takes place in three approaches. The number of repetitions included in one approach, according to the recommendations of the instructors – 8 times, this number will be influenced mainly by the level of fatigue. You have to constantly strive to increase the number of repetitions.

Exercises for the abs


Hold the crossbar for as long as possible, up to a few minutes. Which muscles are involved? This activity improves the stretching of muscles and ligaments, the condition of the intervertebral discs, is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the spine (for example, osteochondrosis).

What is important to keep in mind before a workout?Training (exercises on horizontal bars) gives the fastest result compared to other forms of training. It is enough to increase the load each time and create more complex elements.

“The exercises with the horizontal bar are a load of strength. For a woman to look harmonious, she must increase the amount of strength every year. If a woman wants to look young, fit and beautiful, she must have a strong muscular skeleton. Few people do. I know, but it’s true.Now I’m talking not about bodybuilding, but about amateur activities, regular physical education.It is not necessary to participate in competitions, it is enough to spend time on strength training several times a week.

Warming up and stretch: mportant elements

It is important to separate these two concepts. The warm-up aims to increase the mobility of the joints before training and serves to warm up the muscles and prevent injuries.

“Stretching is a static and quite painful exercise in which you have to hold a certain position for at least 30 seconds, and preferably up to two or three minutes. Its purpose is to relax the muscles without the help of various lures and specialists.

Important: Stretching should be the last part of the workout, after which it is convenient to rest. It is allowed to stretch too narrow areas of the body only during training, doing it between approaches; in this case, it is necessary to hold the position for 10-30 seconds.

Warming up and stretch