Five easy steps to lose weight

Five easy steps to lose weight

The first stage includes five simple tips to help you take a serious step towards proper nutrition without delving into the theoretical material. Even following these simple rules, you can lose weight, organize your food and get used to a sensible diet.

Step 1: Clean food waste

The first step you need to take on the path to proper nutrition – is to remove from the menu the so-called “junk food”, ie:

  • sugar and sweet foods
  • white pastries and white flour products
  • sausages, hot dogs, meat products
  • fast food (french fries, burgers, french fries, sandwiches, etc.)
  • sweet juices, soft drinks and lemonades
  • mayonnaise, ketchup and unnatural sauces

First of all, these are low-nutrient products that do not actually benefit the body. Second, these are high-calorie foods that are deposited very quickly in fats. Third, most of these foods do not saturate the body, so you will constantly feel hungry and eat extra food. By eliminating this diet from this group of foods, you have already taken a big step towards proper nutrition and weight loss.

Clean food waste

Step 2: Avoid alcoholic drinks

The second step involves excluding another group of low-consumption goods: alcoholic beverages. We will not now discuss the presence or absence of alcohol-related harm with reasonable restrictions, but will look at the possible positive properties of red wine. When switching to PP it is recommended to completely give up alcohol, at least during weight loss. Why is it better to give up alcohol?

According to research, alcohol acts on neurons that control appetite, causing severe hunger in the body.
Even a small dose of alcohol often causes spoilage of food, when due to loss of control begins to “sweep” healthy and harmful foods in large quantities.

By the way, low-alcohol beverages can not be attributed to high-calorie foods. 100 ml of red dry wine contains 80 kcal, 100 ml of beer – 45 kcal (but strong vodka is already 230 kcal per 100 g). That is why there are people who drink a glass of dry wine or a glass of beer once a week without endangering weight loss.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Step 3: Adjust your alcohol intake

The third step on the path to proper nutrition is to establish a drinking regime, in other words, start drinking water. On the one hand, this step is very simple, but at the same time very effective for weight loss. First of all, water is involved in almost all biochemical processes in the body, including the breakdown of fats. Second, water suppresses appetite and prevents overeating. The benefits of water in the weight loss process are invaluable, while its energy value is 0 calories.

To remember to drink water, set a reminder on your phone. There are many handy mobile apps that remind you of a drinking regime. Also, try to always have a bottle of water with you (at work and at home).

Step 4: Set up a diet

The fourth step will be one of the most difficult, but at the same time the most important. At this stage, many people stumble and abandon the idea of ​​nutritional supplements or go on a strict diet. Therefore, in the first stage of the transition to proper nutrition, it is better to create at least one diet. The complexities of the distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and fats will be discussed in the following steps. So, the whole diet will look like this:

  • Full breakfast (7:00 am)
  • Breakfast №1 (10:00)
  • Lunch (13:00)
  • Breakfast №2 (16:00)
  • Dinner (19:00)
  • Snack 1 hour before bedtime: kefir, cottage cheese (21:00)

The time is conditionally indicated, taking into account getting up at 6:00 and going to bed at 22:00. If you get up later or earlier, adjust the time according to your schedule.

Set up a diet

Step 5: Prepare for a lifestyle change

If you want not only to lose weight, but also to keep the result and keep it for life, you need to remember another important principle of proper nutrition. Proper nutrition should be a part of your life, not a short-term step towards losing weight. Get ready to change your eating habits forever. Your body will thank you not only for a slim body, but also for good health.

Universal weight loss advice: even if a fast diet seems effective to you and even if it has affected you more than once, postpone it immediately. Sooner or later you will still get to proper nutrition, but by then you will already have health problems, dead metabolism and frustration with endless reproduction and acquisition.